November 15, 2007

2007 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Her

Here are some more great gift suggestions for the ladies on your list. As I said yesterday, this year is full of great products and design and it was hard to select only a few so I tried to group some of them together so as not to overwhelm.

I was a little unsure about including Learning to Love You More as a part of this guide, but I thought of the women in my life and how much they have taught me not only about love but about being creative, taking risks and staying true to myself. So, with that in mind, I had to include this lovely book full of wonderful and whimsical assignments. Of course, the Alyssa Ettinger vases make the list. I really wasn't so into them a few months ago, but the more I see of them the more I like them.

If I had to pick a favourite from this gift guide it would be these Decision Maker coins [via Design Crush]. As soon as Kelly posted them I flipped. A variety of designs are available, making them the perfect gift for just about everyone on your list. This Rose photo frame is lovely. I wish they made it in black or a deep red, but the green is quite likable. Another item I am totally obsessed with is this Lucky in love necklace. This design is available with a variety of stones and each one gives the necklace an entirely different feel.

I think scarves are always great gifts. This Love Quote Scarf comes with an inspiring quote and a portion of the proceeds go to international children's charities [via outblush]. I'm a fan of Keri Smith's work. I think Wreck this Journal is a good gift for the creative on your list (or someone who is in a bit of a creative rut). Again, stationery is always a great gift. I am partial to this Kate Spade personalized stationery - definitely one of our most popular designs. If you opt to forgo personalized stationery there are a ton of great letterpress or screen printed cards out there. I think another nice gift is a new wallet. I am pretty rough with mine so I invested in a handmade painted canvas wallet purchased at a craft show in Philly. This foliage wallet/checkbook appears sturdy and I just love the deep plum color.

While the momergency kit and Vera Wang brocade pouch sling are definitely gifts for moms, the Stamped Sterling Silver Ring, Abahna Bath Foam Blending Kit or Hand Rolled Truffles would be an ideal gift for any one. A note about those hand rolled truffles - they are the BEST truffles I have ever sampled! We received some in our office earlier this year and those of us lucky enough to snag one cannot stop raving about them.

Is your recipient trying to make her life more eco-friendly or do you prefer to give green? Etsy is a great source for recycled goods like these Rewrite mini notebooks and Address File Box. I love the address file box, but I would rather use it for recipes since all of my address files are digital. Sigg bottles are always a great gift. Everyone at work receives a water bottle to help keep us hydrated and cut back on waste. These Recycling Bags from DWR are on my list. I originally purchased a few bins from Ikea to use for recycling, but they're a bit difficult to transport. I think these will work a bit better though I still need to check the specs to make sure I have a place to put them.