December 8, 2007

Saturday Linkfest!

I guess I really can't call it Friday Linkfest, huh? Here are some links that I wasn't able to get around to posting yesterday while working a whopping 15 hour day! I think that is the longest work day I've ever had! Well, I think last year around this time I was here maybe 16 hours processing all the PSA Essentials stamp orders that came in due to our feature on The View, Colin Cowie and Real Simple. Tis the season! I kind of like those insanely long days because, when it is all over and you're driving home you think "Yeah! I really accomplished something!"

Here are some links to keep you occupied whether you have the day off or you're taking a break from your workday:

The Envelope Collective features envelope art from around the country. Kind of like post secret. Minus the secret (keep the post).

The beautiful paper artwork of Peter Callesen

Bizarre bookbinding video [via poppytalk]

Unique jewelry by Nervous System which is created by rapid prototyping and pattern generating algorithms. [via love made visible]

My first job was a receptionist for a box factory so I guess I have a soft spot for corrugated. Especially when it is in the shape of a buck or moose and the copy on the site suggests decorating in glitter! [Cardboard Safari via desire to inspire]

Finally, how sweet (haha) is this garland by patchwork pottery? I just love it! I sense a weekend project coming on...

Have a good weekend! Hopefully things will settle down a bit and I can jump into some entertaining ideas and cool finds this coming week. Take care!