January 3, 2008

New Years Resolutions

I don't generally mix the business with the personal here, but what is a first post of the New Year without resolutions?

My resolutions for 2008 year are reasonable & achievable: get rid of unnecessary things (junk, stress, clutter), be more adventurous with my cooking, devote as much time to myself as I do to my work, increase charity offerings / volunteer and make more time for family and friends.

Simple, huh? Personally, I find it best to avoid changing habits like quitting smoking, adjusting spending or starting a food/exercise program on the 1st because those changes are pretty drastic. Setting a date is a wonderful step and I'm sure helpful for some, but when looking to change habits, one needs to be ready and willing and January 1st, 2008 may not be the date they're prepared to make a major commitment. Well, that's my perspective anyway!

If you've made a resolution and want to stick to it, there are some helpful links on the left-hand nav bar on the blog. I'll be adding more later today, but I wanted to swap out all the holiday items that have been there for quite a while. Enjoy!