January 15, 2008

Tuesday Trends: Geometrics

tuesday trends: geometry
Geometry itself obviously isn't a trend (although I loved the Pythagorean theorem and memorizing side-angle-side, angle-side-angle, etc.) but the use of bold geometric patterns has been popping up in both the textile and print industries. These beautiful angles and strong lines are complimented by bright colors.

Above are a few items whose geometry has caught my eye:

-The wooden rings of etsy superstars somethingshidinginhere.
-This diamond print by Brandi Strickland
-My favourite piece of Boatman Geller stationery (love that lattice!)
-The bold lines and cuts of these notecards by essimar (also featured in last week's Tuesday Trends)
-Hassak rubber stamps as featured on Designer's Library
-geometry test joke via flickr user dull hunk
-Yellow bird print by YumiYumi (as featured on Bloesem)