February 11, 2008

Blue: Sassy & Classy

Today I'm feeling really blue. Not in the melancholy manner, of course, but that elegant hue. The thing I like about blue is that it can be bright and bold or classic and coquettish. It really depends on the hue and the company it keeps. I've noticed that whenever I entertain blue is usually a large part of the scheme. Blues transition easily from casual to formal. I was originally going for a different sort of blue theme for a party/shower but ended up liking both the sassy and the classy mood boards that I pulled together that I thought I might as well put them both up!


SASSY: bright turquoises mixed with cobalts and Prussian blues create a dramatic "pop". A perfect example (and the inspiration for this whole board) is the blue cupcakes from moirabot. For a by-the-sea themed party, this coral centerpiece from brides would be stunning. If you're against the idea of using coral you could tie in the blueberries from the cupcakes with this clever floating votive centerpiece. For drinks, try a blue champagne [via drunken monkey] or, even better, forgo the bright specialty drinks and serve a favourite wine (or water) in this essence decanter from hive modern.

I like the idea of using a mobile instead of hanging lanterns or streamers and balloons. This starcraft mobile would be just lovely - especially of paired with some simple string lights as pictured.

More: a gorgeous dress by jones new york, beaded paisley necklace from j. crew, blue floral stationery by boatman geller.


CLASSY: Something about cornflower blues make me think of the 1950s (as evinced by the 1905s powder blue dress and the blue linen dress from good egg). I love the styling of the simple heart necklace, but I would opt for this simple and sweet love letter necklace. Of course, birds remind me of nests and these nest centerpieces would be perfect for a baby shower or house warming. I would use this invitation from prentiss douthit but, you see, I am always looking for an excuse to use their invitations. You could also skip the whole "Pleasantville" look and go for a more contemporary dress like this look from Melissa Sweet.

For your table top you will, of course, need cupcakes (don't question me). Mini cupcakes topped with delicate flowers keep the light feel of the event [image via pinprick]. As I said, I typically use blues when I entertain and so I always have a decent supply of jones soda in blue lemonade. It's a really nice touch for casual entertaining and it is so delicious on a warm day. To add to the vintage look and feel of this mood board I found this sweet vintage doily tray. If you really want to add a touch of class to a small event, this set of vintage blue glasses from blue bell bazaar would be the perfect touch.

Phew! That took way longer than I had anticipated. So sorry for keeping everyone waiting. I'll be back much, much earlier tomorrow with Tuesday Trends and a few changes to the blog.