February 27, 2008

New Wednesday Feature!

My co-worker Rebecca and I were discussing our blogs when she remarked that she had been toying with the idea of adding a Wedding Wednesdays feature to her site - something I had also been considering*. We decided a great compromise would be to both take Wedding Wednesdays. Each week we will provide our unique interpretation of a wedding-related item from the site. This is a new feature that I really enjoyed working on and hope you will all appreciate and enjoy!

Our first card was easy to select - we both loved the new blue and maroon William Arthur letterpress wedding invitation.

blue and maroon wedding inspiration board

I'm a while away from walking down the isle, but I know what kind of dress I'd be looking for. I like tea length dresses with a Betsey Johnson feel. I would say I prefer non-traditional wedding dresses, but many brides opted for attractive gowns of varying colors before white weddings were the norm. I selected a vintage light blue dress for the bride and the very popular (and practical) bridesmaid dresses from two birds one bridesmaid (available in custom colors).

When considering decorations and centerpieces, I remembered the beautiful origami flowers I had seen from flickr user zzilch. While this would require a little handiwork, they would make beautiful decorations placed on tabletops or attached to branches to form centerpieces (as they had done with some of the flowers).

While we're bucking tradition, instead of a giant fondant covered creation, consider smaller options like these citrus sorbet cakes from Martha Stewart. Rock candy favors are a sweet parting gift for your guests [photo by Mrs. Maze].

Rebecca did an excellent job pulling together a look that was both classic and romantic (teaser shot above). To see her interpretation of this theme for Wedding Wednesday, check out her blog Tastefully Entertaining. Love it or hate it - let us know what you think!

*What can I say, we love alliteration at FineStationery.