February 15, 2008

The States

You know when you see the work of an artist and you really connect with it? Something about the concept, the colors and the technique that is just right? That's how I felt when I saw the work of Frank Chimero.

His latest ongoing project, The States, is what caught my attention but after perusing his site there wasn't one piece I didn't like (his silhouettes & small prints work being two of my favourites).
"The States project started out with an off-the-cuff remark I made during a conversation when I said that I always thought California kind of looked like a snuffed out cigarette. After some discussion and quick sketch, I decided that I could sort of make a game for myself out of doing the same exercise with the other 49 states. The States project is meant to be a personal exploration in 2D form and also a way to exercise the creative muscles, without necessarily being too concerned with content or concept."
I hope Frank will consider individual state prints of the project or at least a poster of the finished work. I'd definitely love to add either to my collection.

[via It's Nice That]