February 5, 2008

You Make My Day

Irene @ Bloesem had a wonderful post today on 5 blogs that make her day and I thought it would be fun to share 5 great blogs with you, dear readers, and also spotlight 5 writers whose posts never cease to amaze and inspire - both visually and mentally. Below are visuals and blurbs from the 5 blogs that really make my day and inspire me to work harder as both a blogger and a creative mind.

Decor8: My favourite thing about Decor8 (other than the beautiful posts) is that she is always encouraging her readers to follow their hearts in both their professions and creative instincts. I certainly don't aim to discount the visual impact of her blog, but I find that her words are the most inspiring. Holly's writing is personal and motivational and she has definitely been a huge influence on many aspiring designers, decorators and business owners.

Design Crush: I can't count how many times I have seen something super fabulous design-wise and have come SO CLOSE to publishing or I've started drafting a post for it when I will see it on Kelly's blog. Brain twins. Other times she finds so many AMAZING things that I have never seen of before. I'm constantly left asking "how does she FIND this stuff?! Is there some secret newsletter?" Finally, a feature I greatly enjoy is Kelly's selection of delicious dishes and drinks as I'm a girl who finds a lot of inspiration in consumables.

Design for Mankind: It was hard to select a group of images that really said "DFM" for me because Erin covers so many things at once so I thought I would let her latest project - the e-zine inspiration - act as my associated image. Design for Mankind pulls inspiration from all over the place into one amazing blog. My favourite part about DFM is that Erin's tastes are a bit different from other design blogs. I certainly don't mind a little overlap of content because a lot of designers are worth mentioning thousands of times, but it is really refreshing to be exposed to artists and designers that are not quite as familiar (in addition to the popular ones). Erin's love of collaboration with fellow artists and designers gives her posts universal appeal.

Design*Sponge: Grace's blog was one of the first blogs I started reading daily. Not only does she start and track trends in the design industry, but she is a blogger who is truly dedicated to giving back to her audience. Last year Grace started the design*sponge scholarship and I know that plans are in the works for a job board. d*s has evolved from one woman's blog to something that is practically a community. design*sponge now boasts guest bloggers, city guides, "sneak peaks" and posts on DIY projects and cooking. With Grace's professionalism and dedication to both the design and blogging communities it is easy to see why she is one of the most admired and respected bloggers.

It's Nice That: On Sunday I spent all day reading every single post of this blog. It's a bit tumblr-esque in its format. Its simple formula [post = image + brief description + links] gives all of their incredible finds the spotlight they deserve. This is a blog that I've just discovered and I'm very excited to see how it will develop as they approach the end of their first full year of blogging.

So who are some of your favourite bloggers? Who really makes your day?