April 15, 2008

Tuesday Trends: The Power of Poppy

It's no secret that floral is big this season. After yesterday's post I was thinking about how much I really liked the Smudge Ink letterpress poppy card. Really, really liked it. Poppy is always a popular flower, but I think this season we're going to see the trend grow. Below are a few poppy-themed items (in vibrant reds, no less) that pack a powerful pop.

[Poppy plate from Whitney Smith, poppy cupcakes from Claire's cupcakes, D&G poppy dress (net-a-porter), recycled poppy hairpins at modish, Sylvia Weinstock for Martha Stewart, Queen Bee poppy tote, Marimekko bedding & fabric, labokoff poppy print, poppy shirt from designbyhumans]

I'd like to credit Ms. Bliss and her post on poppies for being the final spark for putting together this post. Be sure to check out her post: Pretty Little Poppies.