May 23, 2008

NSS Coverage Pt 9 - Ellie Mim's, Smudge Ink, Invitation & Stationery Alliance

Like I said, I'm not the world's best photographer so I often have to take multiple shots to ensure that I have a proper selection to post. Of course, there are times when there will be only one good surviving shot and that was the case for the ladies of Ellie Mim's, Smudge Ink and the Invitation and Stationery Alliance.

Here we have the beautiful ladies of Ellie Mim's Social Stationery. They were incredibly gracious and helpful to us over the past holiday season that I had to stop by and extend a personal thank you (and to check out their awesome new designs, of course). They had some terrific party and holiday items that we are absolutely excited about!

Some beautiful letterpress and offset designs from the ultra-wonderful team at Smudge Ink. I love their city woodtype letterpress cards (bottom row) and their new eco-friendly shopper totes. They were kind enough to send me on my way with a tote to cart the numerous catalogs and business cards I was starting to accumulate and it was a lifesaver! I'm quite the envy of the office now.

Invitation & Stationery Alliance Booth
Last but not least, the mighty Invitation and Stationery Alliance. The ISA embodies one of my favourite things about the stationery industry - a friendly, non-competitive atmosphere. In any industry there will always be some sort of competition, but my experience in stationery has been that other stationers support and encourage one another. The ISA provides a number of great programs to mentor new stationers and benefit more established lines.

I wasn't able to visit and photograph every stationer at the show given the time frame, but it was great to catch up with what I refer to as "my extended family" and check out the latest in design, trends and hot new products. A heartfelt thanks to every single person who took the time to speak with me about their designs, creative process or the industry in general.