September 16, 2008

Wedding Wednesday: Red and White with a Touch of Pink

For today's Wedding Wednesday, Rebecca and I selected a lovely red and white chandelier invitation from Crane & Co. I think red and white is a classic combination, but I wanted to mix it up a little bit and throw in touches of pink for a fun and festive twist on a classic combo.

Wedding Wednesday: Red and White with Touches of Pink
Row 1
- Neatly packaged favours from Amy Atlas [via HWTM]
- Red and white chandelier invitation
Row 2
- A lovely white dress with a sash of red
- Red velvet wedding cake - yum!
- You don't need 99 red balloons; a few clusters will do
Row 3
- Handmade cupcake liner poms and a beautiful bouquet (this is one of my favourite weddings)
- I love this bold red tabletop with simple white accents like the napkins and chairs
Row 4
- Sweet striped skirts from the knot!
- Bridesmaid dresses in shades of pink and red [via elizabeth anne]
- Pretty pumps from with this ring
- Delicious pomegranate molasses on yogurt [via tastespotting]

Be sure to stop by Tastefully Entertaining. While I went a little off the beaten path in my interpretation of today's pick, Rebecca absolutely nailed it. You must check out her romantic and glamorous interpretation of this red chandelier wedding. Here's a sneak peak!