April 23, 2009

Field of Dreams

When Kevin Costner married his beautiful bride in a rustic lakeside setting, tabloids and media outlets were all over the story like wildfire. While Mr. Costner certainly warrants the coverage on his own, I believe it was the utter beauty of the photos that captured the media's attention. The bride's ultra-formal gown was such a contrast to the rustic backdrop of mountains and woodlands and that it helped to create a really enchanting effect.

To recreate the look, discuss possible photo shoot locations with your photographer. If you do not live near a mountain or a lake, a simple field may do. These lovely images from
Photography by Leah depict the dream-like quality of photos taken in a horse pasture at twilight.

Originally uploaded by photographybyleah

**Wedding photo from Kevin Costner Friendster Fan Page.

Originally uploaded by photographybyleah