July 30, 2009

Flourishing Family Tree Wedding

I love learning about personal histories, of where families have come from and how they've grown and flourished over the years. A family tree showcasing ancestry lines may just contain a long list of names, but to think of all the "life" that lies within the many branches can be quite fascinating.

Whether you can trace your family tree back to your great-grandparents or even ancestors from long ago, each name written in your history holds a story. These stories inevitably contain new beginnings, trials, victories, and perhaps even great adventures. And though the individuals that make up your family tree may have departed this world, their stories, and your family history, continue on through you.

A marriage is a wonderful addition to your family tree, and a unique opportunity to celebrate your roots. Consider planning a family tree themed wedding-- it's the perfect way to toast the past, present and future.

Flourishing Family Tree Wedding

  • Send an invitation illustrated with a tree or branch motif like these cards from William Arthur and Crane & Co., and be sure to use the phrase "as two families join" somewhere in your invitation wording -- FineStationery.com
  • Consider performing your ceremony under a giant oak tree -- Brides.com
  • Wrap tree saplings in burlap and place one at each place setting as a wedding favor for your guests -- Snippet & Ink
  • Have two of these beautiful family trees made to display at your ceremony and reception (one should display the bride's side, and the other the groom's family) -- Etsy seller SimpleSweetDesign
  • This gorgeous, golden tree necklace would be a great accessory for the bride, or a great embellishment for the bridal bouquet -- Max and Cleo
  • Finally, use a wish tree as your guest book at the reception. Guests can write words of encouragement and wishes for your new, wedded life, on decorative cards, then hang them from the branches of your wish tree -- The Knot