1920s Style Lawn Party

Here's an inspiration board for a 1920s styled lawn party-- the perfect theme to celebrate Labor Day! If you need more 1920s party ideas be sure to check out A Cup of JO's Going Away Party and the Art Deco Society Web page.

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  • Invite guests to bring picnic blankets and pillows to lounge on the lawn and to drive their vintage vehicles -- Art Deco Society
  • Serve mint juleps, just like in the novel -- Rooster Talk
  • Hire a jazz band and designate an area as the dance floor by marking it off with hanging lights -- Photo by Michele Smith
  • Decorate food buffet tables with Queen Anne's Lace in green glass vases -- Little Somethings
  • I adore this green lace invitation by Vera Wang. It has such a lovely vintage feel -- FineStationery.com


Jennifer said...

I adore this party idea! What a perfect end-of-summer soiree!

Erin said...

What an absolutely cute idea. I needed a party theme for my husband's 30th bday and I think I just found it. Thank you so much!

heather said...

I love anything centered on the Great Gatsby / 1920's era. Fringe & a long strand of pearls!

Legallyblondemel said...

Love the concept and the novel! Wondering if I could pull this off for Labor Day - hmm . . .