August 3, 2009

A Kid in the King's Court

[While I'm on a sunny vacation at the shore, a few of the many talented staff members at will be filling in here at The Finer Things. Today's guest blogger, Jamie, is one of our pre-press designers. She lays out the text on stationery and invitations for our customers according to their specifications in preparation to print. I hope you'll enjoy her Renaissance Kids Party]

With the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire coming this August, what better way to get everyone excited for the event than by hosting a Renaissance Party beforehand.

Putting together a costume for the kids (and yourself!) is relatively easy. Simply find peasant blouses and layered flowy skirts for the girls and poet or pirate shirts and loose trousers cinched at the knee for the boys. Not only can you wear it to the party, but also to the faire itself.

Set up a craft table where the kids can make and decorate their own swords and shields or make flower crowns:

Flower crown Tutorial from One-Hour-Craft
Knight's shield Tutorial from eHow

Serve giant turkey legs, deli pickles on a stick, corn on the cob and other rustic finger foods like fruits and various cheeses. Remember to provide plenty of apple cider for the kiddies and fruity wine or tankards of ale for the adults.


  • This natural Vine crown makes for a lovely headpiece -- etsy seller whichgoose
  • Invite guests with this princess castle invitation by Bert & Harry --
  • A flag banner is a fast and easy decoration -- Martha Stewart
  • Carry this renaissance-style purse --