September 10, 2009

Reader Request: An Impressive Christmas Party

We just received our first Christmas related reader request of the year! Elena writes:

"I know this sounds crazy being we're just rolling into fall (which I adore) But we're planning our first Christmas party - newly married - new house - new friends & jobs. So we want to have a fancy fabulous impressive Christmas party that's making me nervous every time I start to think about it. Any ideas? Food decor invites theme - thanks!"

Elena, planning your Christmas party now doesn't sound crazy at all! Many stores, including, offer savings on Holiday items to those who order early-- so you are smart to be thinking ahead!

For your party, I would suggest a White Christmas theme. White, when paired with silver and cream, helps to set the scene for an impressive party full of sophistication and class. Yet, this dazzling color palette will also help to keep your event feeling fresh and ultra-stylish.

Start off by sending guests an elegant, white invitation:
Sterling and Pearls Invitation

Then, start planning your decor and menu:

Reader Request: An Impressive Christmas Party

  • Trim your tree with white ornaments -- 2 Green Thumbs Up
  • Serve white hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and sprinkled with cocoa -- Sunset Magazine via
  • Create a dessert buffet filled with snowflake cookies and white chocolate candies -- Fancy Flours
  • Wrap gifts in white and set them around your party space for added ambiance (I also love the idea of the crystal ornament tree pictured!) -- Country Living
  • Place a selection of white and silver ornaments on a silver tray for decor that is sure to dazzle -- Country Living