December 23, 2009

Spontaneous Snowflake Soiree

More than twenty inches of the whitest, fluffiest snow fell at our doorstep last weekend, transforming our region into a winter wonderland just in time for Christmas. While many parties planned for Saturday evening had to be postponed I was thinking how wonderful it would be to host a simple and spontaneous Snowflake Soiree. After being snowed in for a day or two, friends and family would simply relish at the chance to socialize, even if on a small scale.

Snowflake Soiree

  • Bake cupcakes and decorate them with mounds of coconut to mimic snow -- Country Living
  • If time allows, invite guests with a snowflake invitation. Or send a handwritten note with snowflake address labels you have on hand for winter month mailings --
  • Serve light snacks on snowflake themed plates -- Target
  • Put out all your snowflake decor you have stored up for the holidays. I may have to get some of these snowflake candles and garland for next year -- Balloons-Galore
  • Hang doilies from fishing line in front of a window at varying lengths to mimic oversized snowflakes -- Martha Stewart
Or, if you have no doilies on hand, make this simple paper snowflake craft by following directions from Cut Out and Keep. The resulting snowflake is a lovely dangling detail to hang in your party space. (Our graphics team created these for the office and they look so fabulous!)