Radiant Rhinestone Pumpkins

Put the carving tools down, and reach for the hot glue gun and a bag of rhinestones! As an alternative to carving your pumpkins with scary faces this season, consider embellishing pumpkins of all sizes with sparkling rhinestones. For extra flair, add a coat of black or white paint to your pumpkin before bedazzling. Place a silver-painted spider on the side of your pumpkin for a finishing touch that is oh-so-creepy, yet totally chic.


D. Marie said...

That is so neat! I never saw that before with the rhinestones. Great idea! :)

artfeltexpressions said...


How psyched am I to see these! I never thought I could like a pumpkin or put one on display at Halloween. That is, of course, until I saw these. I love bling and these just ROCK! Pumpkins with frosting=LOVE!

Susan Crabtree said...

love the spiderweb design!

Brunch at Saks said...

Oh I'm in love! Such a cool idea!

The Sweet Life Studio said...

LOVE these!!!