Unique Bridal Showers

Bridal Showers are typically held at a relative or friend's home, and involve lots of food, lots of presents, and cute games. Next time, shake things up a bit and host a bridal shower with a unique theme. Consider an event that brings the guests together in a fun way -- whether they are painting or learning how to taste wines.


Floral Arranging Lesson & Luncheon
Ask your local florist if they would be willing to open their shop for a bridal shower and mini arranging lesson. Each guest will be able to create a small bouquet or centerpiece to take home, followed by a light lunch and cocktails while the bride opens her gifts.

Wine and Cheese Tasting
Have a sommelier from your favorite restaurant or wine shop teach guests how to properly taste different wines. Have cheeses that accent each wine on hand during the tasting. Fun wine glasses make great favors for guests.

Cooking Class
If the bride-to-be is interested in learning to cook or bake, host a cooking class in her honor. Once the guests have learned to cook something new, they can enjoy the fruits of their labor while the bride opens her gifts.

Painting and Wine Party
Some local studios offer painting and wine parties -- grab a glass, a brush, and have fun! This type of shower lets guests interact with eachother while unleashing their creativity.

Do you have any great ideas for Bridal Showers?

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Sara Elizabeth said...

I love this blog! The ideas are so cute! I especially love the girly grad party suggestions. When I had my grad reception, my younger sister made these grad cap cookies from a cookbook recipe, though they didn't look nearly as good as the ones featured on here. In fact, they turned out kind of hard. But anyway, I love getting each new update to this blog. They brighten my day!

Katie R said...

I live in KY and went to a bachelorette party at Church Hill Downs. We got to wear hats and drink and there was specific money handed out to bet on money for the bride and groom to take on their honeymoon. Best Bachelorette party ever! Random and so fun!

amy said...

My only guidance is usually to get started preparing early, we had tons of problems running around at the final minute but it turned out excellent, it’s seriously worth organizing in advance. For the bridal shower we developed a scavenger hunt theme and absolutely advise this to anyone, it was awesome! Found this web page that lets you personalize your own unique shirts, cups, posters and lots of other amazing things.
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