August 10, 2012

A Gift for Crafty Friends

My dear friend Cecilia is an amazing knitter. She has made my children everything from an adorable knit mermaid toy to cozy, Parisian-styled sweaters. This year for her birthday I wanted to give her something thoughtful that I knew she would use. She already has everything she needs to knit, so I thought I could give her something that would help to showcase her work:  

An embosser, personalized with my friend's first initial and the wording "Knit together with love by Cecilia."

Now she has a way to create an endless supply of elegant gift tags for her handcrafted gifts.

Personalized embossers and stamps make great gifts for crafty friends because it shows that you appreciate their talent and also gives them an easy way to turn their art-form in to a signature gift.

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