October 26, 2012

Golden Snowflake Holiday Party

We love the idea of hosting a golden snowflake party as it lends a touch of shimmering warmth to a normally cool-toned theme. Invite friends to enjoy cocktails and cupcakes by the cozy fire as you watch snowflakes glisten on your tree (and perhaps even outside your window).

Golden Snowflake Holiday Party
  • Decorate your home with shimmering gold and cream -- Titus8 Blog
  • Set the table with these golden snowflake plates -- Vietri
  • Accent caramel chocolate cupcakes with edible snowflakes -- Couture Cakery 
  • Provide guests with golden napkins by Caspari personalized with message of Warm Wishes for a Joyful Noel -- FineStationery.com
  • Serve snowflake cocktails made with vanilla vodka -- BarnOneDrinks
  • Send guests this shimmering invitation by Anna Griffin -- FineStationery.com