Wedding Trend: The "Novite"

According to the Today show, a new trend is popping up among the soon-to-be-wed. "Novites," as coined by CBS, is the practice of notifying friends and family with news that they will not be invited to witness a couple's nuptials.

Experts believe this trend finds its roots in social media and the need for instant communication. In an effort to lower expectations and prepare friends who won't make the guest list, some couples are choosing to notify the non-invited with an e-mail or even a mailed card to communicate that they should not expect to receive a wedding invitation.

What do you think about this trend? Have you ever received a "novite?" How would you feel if you did?


Mike Rembis said...

I would remove this couple from my list of contacts forever. This is extremely poor taste. I would rather not get an invitation than an outright dismissal in advance.

DoodleArtsbyAlecia said...

I think this is very tacky. Personally, I would be appalled to receive the above card. I also think I would be upset to receive any type of non-personalized "novite". A personal call, note or email from someone I expect an invitation from would be acceptable though. I feel in this economy today, people are a lot more understanding about not receiving invites, especially if there are not extremely close to the couple. So why make it worse than needed?

Lee Souleles said...

What is the point of this announcement...really? Another sign that we've lost all sense of decency. This
is the antithesis of treating others the way you'd want to be treated.

Watson Family said...

So not worthy of The Finer Things!

karen@paperfancy.com said...

I have never heard of such a thing!