March 28, 2013

The Best Business Tool

Dave Kerpen, CEO and NY Times Best-Selling Author, recently wrote an amazing article about how he believes the biggest secret to business success lies with what he calls the "lowest tech tool you can imagine-- the handwritten thank you note." Mr. Kerpen emphasizes that not only do thank you notes show others you care, but they also help you feel better. He has made it part of his daily routine to write handwritten thank you notes before he goes to work and says "I feel grateful- then joyful - then truly ready to take on the world by the time I get to work."

William Arthur
Mr. Kerpen-- We love it! And, we really couldn't agree more. Handwritten thank you notes will leave a lasting impression on clients, employees and vendors alike, especially when your note is thoughtful and sincere.

Need help writing a meaningful thank you note? Check out our writing guide for great tips and samples!

In case you missed it, read Mr. Kerpen's article here.