December 9, 2015

D.I.Y: Personalized Gift Tag

Giving gifts is one of the best part of the holiday season. After searching high and low for that perfect present, gift it in style. Make a simple gift tag from scratch for a quick and easy D.I.Y that will have the recipients complementing you for more than your fabulous gift giving.

This D.I.Y gives you a chance to show off your creative side however you'd like. A gift tag is the perfect addition to any thoughtful gift. Using thicker card stock paper and some glitter or washi tape, you have a unique way to set your gift apart from the pack. For this tutorial we used an Xacto knife for easy measuring but a pair of scissors can work just as well!

1. Using a crafting pad, measure your card stock to measure 6" tall by 3.5" wide. 

2. Cut off a small section from the corners, using your crafting pad graph as guidance. 3. In the center of the paper make a pencil mark for reference. 

4. Cut the glitter tape into a shape of your choosing and place it on top of the dot you made in the previous step. We chose a heart but any shape will work. 5. Add a strip of glitter tape to the bottom of the gift tag for a chic look. 

6. Take a hole punch and punch a hole through the center of your shape at the top of the tag. 7. Thread a ribbon of your choosing through the hole at the top. 

8. Use your stamp for that final touch and attach your gift tag to the wrapped gift then add the personal details for the recipient. 

That's it! This simple D.I.Y uses a stamp from our Real Simple stamp collection, you can find it here. This gift tag tutorial is sure to impress all those you give to this holiday season. Happy Holidays!