December 9, 2015

D.I.Y: Personalized Treat Bag

A handmade, personalized gift is one that truly shows how much a person means to you. This week, we bring you a simple and clever way to give a handmade gift in an elegant way. All you need are a couple simple items you already have around your house and a useful personalized stamp.

This D.I.Y is a simple treat bag made out of brown paper bags. You can use this tutorial on any size paper bag you have but we used a simple lunch sized bag for a couple of sweet treats. Follow our steps and add your own design embellishments for a uniquely stylized gift.

1. First, cut off the end of the bag so the bag becomes open at the bottom. 2. Glue together the new end of bag to create a seal to secure your goodies.

3. Apply glitter tape around the bottom of the bag starting in the center of the backside and ending to match where you began.

4. Measure where you want your top closure flap to be with a ruler to make sure it is even on both sides. 5. Cut a top flap. We used fun scalloped edge scissors for an extra touch but you can use whatever scissors or cutting accessories you have on hand.

6. When you are done cutting your top flap, fold it over and make a crease as shown. 7. In the center of the top flap, use a hole-puncher to create a hole big enough to accommodate your ribbon.

8. Thread the ribbon of your choosing through the hole in the center of your top flap. 9. Tie your ribbon into a neat bow and trim the edges to be even with each other.

10. Use your personalized stamp to add the final touch! This one is from our Real Simple stamp collection and is a perfect accent to your delectable desserts. Find it here to use in your kitchen!

We hope you like this simple D.I.Y! As a bonus, use this as a favor bag for your holiday party as well!