December 4, 2015

Party Envy: Holiday Soiree

The holidays are the best time to gather those near and dear and celebrate all of life's precious moments. No matter which holiday you celebrate, gathering together for a special night is sure to fill everyone's heart with cheer. Use our tips and tricks below to pull of an affair to remember.

Invite in Style

The invitation to your party sets the tone for your whole event. Send one that shows your unique sense of style and flair while putting forward the festive spirit of the evening to come.

Wow with Decorations

Impress your guests with your decoration savvy by decking out your space. The first trick is to pick one color scheme and stick to it. While it's easy to get distracted by the decorations of the season, try and find the perfect combination of colors to bring out the holiday cheer. For a special treat, provide your guests with sweet favors or a warm drink to savor all night.

Cheers to Good Spirits

One great way to get your guests in the spirit is with an adorable and delicious winter cocktail! Serve seasonal beers and wine for a festive touch. Or try this recipe for an indulgent White Chocolate Peppermint Bark Martini, which is much simpler to make than your guests will ever know. As a bonus, there are also instructions to make the coordinating bark candy that pairs well with this minty cocktail.

Entertain with Ease

Never let your party falter by keeping this fun and creative game in your back pocket. Everyone loves to watch Family Feud so this blog created a holiday version to entertain your guests. Divide your guests into two teams and ask these themed questions for an unforgettable evening. Provided are 10 questions and the ranking of the answers for ease of play. If you want to involve your party guests a little bit more, ask them their answers when they arrive and quickly tally the most popular answers for a personal touch.

Comment below with your own holiday party planning tips and show us how you choose to celebrate the season. Happy Holidays!