October 26, 2007

Friday Linkfest!

Here are some links to keep you entertained over the weekend (or the next few hours if you read really fast like I do)!

*The beautiful typography of Marian Bantjes (sorry - I cannot recall which great blog I found this on)

*Guess which famous movies are portrayed in these charming "stationery movies" (fyi - these are what most of my co-workers refer to as "office supplies". When you talk "stationery" at finestationery.com, we generally think thank you notes, invitations, announcements, etc.)

*The flickr photostream for calligraphy

*Annie Vought's cut paper typography. This work astonishes me. I have spent hours trying to cut stencils and ended up with cut up fingertips and a pretty rough looking final product.

*Local Font Foundry House Industries (look for them in an upcoming feature)

*The breathtaking & delicate work of recent grad Emily Morris at Design*Sponge.

*Colorful paper art by Jen Stark (via design for mankind)

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