October 30, 2007

Holiday Party Ideas: Cookie Swap

I know, I know... it is not even November yet and I am already starting with the Holiday stuff! I can't help it. Not only am I big on planning, but I also work in an industry that operates way ahead of schedule. Quality stationery is not something to be rushed (though we do our best to accommodate those of you who are more last minute).

So, to me, it makes perfect sense to start talking Holiday parties. I like baking and I am a total foodie so my ideal party involves a little bit of both. Cookie swaps are great ways to get together with friends, nibble on the sweets of the season and show off your culinary skills. It is especially great if you like to have an assortment of cookies for your holiday guests to nibble on, but your cookie skills are limited to just chocolate chip. At a cookie exchange, you can build up your cookie library and pick up some new recipes. A great favor, if you are hosting, would be recipe cards (or you can bring your own for easy distribution). Martha Stewart has some great tips on hosting and attending a cookie exchange here (Cookie Swap Party Planner link will open as a PDF).