October 24, 2007

Autumn Party Themes: Fall Softly & Fall Brightly

Planning fall festivities? Here are some photos and items to inspire you.

Fall Softly

This elegant fall palate is perfect for those who love the cool, crisp autumn air but aren't a fan of the typical reds, yellows and oranges that are so commonly associated with the season (Mom, I am looking at you here). The lace patterned pumpkins would be perfect in the foyer or as a compliment to a white or pale green pumpkin centerpiece (similar the the ones in the aisle above). For the table I would opt for a light gold or white table cloth accented with the branch wrapping paper or seafoam green runners. The object here is to keep things light and bright. I couldn't help but show the lovely Lumimarja tablecloth from Crate and Barrel though the design is a little more modern than the rest of the party theme. For dessert, how about some torta al vino made from grapes and white wine? Delicious. I think this works wonderfully for a fall wedding, bridal shower, or stylish Thanksgiving.

[clockwise from top left: centerpiece by christine inca, Crane & Co. invitation (with optional gold liner), tablecloth swatches from linentablecloth.com, gold pumpkins, rum cake with poached fig, fig, striped plates by Caspari.]

Fall Brightly

While my Mother rejects the colors of Fall, I embrace them. I love the browns and orange landscape punctuated by bits of green saying their last goodbye before disappearing for the Winter. This gorgeous fall centerpiece by christine inca and the rich golds of yesterday's post inspired me to create this colorful Autumnal mood board. Some golden pumpkins greeting guests at the doorway or smaller golden pumpkins on the table are wonderful accents that will be sure to put a sparkle in the eyes of your guests. I like the idea of a white table cloth used for this event; however, I included swatches of pink and green linen tablecloths for those of us who like their colors in large doses. If using a brightly colored tablecloth, I would suggest switching to white plates. The visual POP of the Caspari plates would be lost on a colorful tablecloth like the ones shown above. Figs make an excellent addition to the menu or the tabletop. Their colors match the theme nicely - and they taste divine. For dessert perhaps a nice fig pie or rum cake with a side of poached fig (as shown by one of my favorite blogs for vegan/vegetarian eating Vegan Menu). I think this is a great wedding shower theme or birthday party theme. This would also work if you are celebrating Thanksgiving with friends.

When you plan your fall event, be sure to select the colors and accents that best reflect you. As the host or hostess, you should feel comfortable in your setting. I think these ideas are great starting points that anyone can make adjustments to in order to mirror their style. I hope you've enjoyed these themes. I had so much fun putting them together for you - Fall is my favorite season!