October 26, 2007

Striking Silhouettes

Ok, let's just get this out of the way. I love silhouettes. I love their clean look and timeless charm. I love that in them you can see someone and no one all at once.

[from top L, clockwise: BellaBean store wall by Karl of Cut Arts, Halloween Party Invitation by Bubbles n' Bows, Custom Silhouette Canvas by fontaine maury, wedding silhouettes by KarlAlyson Fox sneak peak at d*s, New Year Greetings by Bonnie's Style Press, Twin Birth Announcements - Simply Put By Ashley Woodman, Silhouettes at Barney's (via Lisa Congdon's flickr stream), elegant hand cut silhouette by Tim Arnold, Cocktail Party Invitation by Bubbles n' Bows.]

I flipped when I first saw fontaine maury's custom silhouettes. We've always carried a lot of silhouette stationery, but this was our first venture into custom work. As classic and chic as the traditional black paper silhouettes are, I really love the pop of a colourful silhouette on the wall. They look great in a group and are striking on their own. While Karl of Cut Arts is quite popular with the press, I think Tim Arnold's work is equally breathtaking. The cut embellishments give his work a distinct look. It really is hard for me to choose a favourite silhouette - I think they are all very attractive. They make a great gifts for wedding or baby because they're both timeless and personal.