October 16, 2007

Tuesday Trends: Fabulous Florals

Hello and welcome to the Tuesday edition of The Finer Things. I'm pleased to launch a new feature on the site that I hope you all will enjoy! Every Tuesday we will feature emerging trends in fashion and design. This Tuesday's trend is floral:

From top left clockwise: looks from Marc Jacobs, D&G, Gucci, Anna Sui and Balenciaga (links to style.com galleries)

Floral patterns were sprouting up all over the fall runways. From the bold graphic styling of Gucci to the muted watercolor palette of Balenciaga, there is a look that everyone can love. On the subject of Balenciaga - those sandals are amazing, don't you think?

Photos via WWD. Left to right looks from Leonard (link to elle.com gallery page) and Loewe (link to vogueUK gallery).

These two dresses are what sparked the idea for a Tuesday Trends feature on florals. As soon as I saw them in last Friday's WWD I immediately thought of two items that we carry that are spot on for these designs:

An excellent example of design trends echoing throughout various industries (although both these cards were released long before the recent runway shows). Your personal stationery really is an extension of your personal style so it makes sense that stationery designs are on trend. Perhaps that's why they call it a stationery wardrobe?