October 12, 2007

Very Vera

You may have noticed in our "What's New" sidebar that Vera Wang Fine Papers' line of Birth Announcements is exclusive to finestationery.com. We are honored to be the premier online retailer for this line. Vera's signature use of color and motifs lends itself well to her new line of birth announcements and her debut holiday line. In honor of our newest exclusive, I thought it would be fun to illustrate how well her style translates to paper.

I'll start with my favourite Vera Wang birth announcement in a deep, emerald green. To the left is a dress from her Vera Wang Lavender collection. [left image Vera Wang Lavender, link to birth announcement]

Kiera Knightley [wiki] shone in this burgundy evening gown. I felt this new holiday card from Vera's holiday line complimented the richness of the color burgundy and the way it highlights gold tones. [Kiera Knightley image at left from Getty Images, link to holiday card]

Vera Wang's tan, short-sleeved coat for Kohl's was an instant sell-out. The versatility of the color makes it appealing to everyone and who can resist the finishing touch of a slender belt? This sleek wedding invite is equally irresistible. [left image Simply Vera for Kohl's, link to wedding invitation]

Ok, this is a bit of a stretch, but I thought it was eerie how the leaves in this shoot were so similar to the monogram on the calling card.

Of course, we end with her signature lavender above the fall designs for her Simply Vera collection. [link to white bow stationery, deep purple grosgrain ribbon stationery and lavender flower stationery, image below WWD]