October 8, 2007

Welcome to The Finer Things!

Hello and welcome to the official blog of finestationery.com! It is my hope that this blog will be a valuable resource for every life event. The Finer Things covers topics such as wedding, baby and entertaining and features tips, how-to's, etiquette, advice, sales, contests, trend forecasting, vendor profiles, product reviews and much more!

So much of what I do revolves around conversation. There are the day-today conversations that I have with co-workers and vendors, who have become a second family to me. Of course, I work in an industry based upon the written form of communication. Your letters to friends are your conversations. If you are planning a party or any special event, it is a dialog that begins with your invitation and often continues on once the final thank you note has been received. My goal with The Finer Things is to help you to express yourself both verbally (although that remains a bit of a challenge at times) and visually - one of the many things I have learned to do while working at finestationery.