November 6, 2007

Cherry Blossom Shower Theme: The Return

I've noticed that the Cherry Blossom Shower Theme post has been really popular with you guys so I wanted to do another Cherry Blossom party theme with a bit of a wintry spin for today's Tuesday Trends. For this feature, I've pulled items with bright pops of reds and whites.

For this theme, I suggest using a white tablecloth with a red runner or using either the red and gold blossom paper (right) or the bold cherry blossom (left) papers above as a runner. For an evening party, brighten things up a bit with these Cherry Blossom Branch Lights at Graham & Green* (if they are not shipping to the US, a similar product can be found at world market). This Red and White cherry blossom cake from Pink Cake Box is stunning and would translate well to a smaller cake for your party. Set the tone for your event with this red and white cherry blossom invitation from Crane & Co. I would opt for a black or gold engraved message as opposed to the red shown, but that's a personal preference. I am on the fence about paper lanterns. Sometimes I love them and other times I can leave them. These paper lanterns are very attractive (especially in bundles) and work well with the theme of this party. If you're opting for paper plates, I suggest a black edged plate if you go for just a white & red cherry blossom party. If your party is going to have a little pink in it, opt for a pink plate that will bring the colors together subtly. Finally, as an attractive centerpiece, these snow and graham candles are a must. Another good favor idea would be this cherry blossom lotion from bath & bodyworks. It would look lovely as a placeholder - just tie your place card to the bottle with a white or red ribbon and voila!

I hope you've enjoyed this post as much as you enjoyed the first cherry blossom party post! Let me know of any other party themes you are looking for and I can try to come up with some suggestions for you.

*Speaking of Graham and Green, I would do anything for this Lotus Ball chandelier.