November 8, 2007

Welcome: Smudge Ink

smudge ink is the newest member of our finestationery family and boy am I excited! We were no longer taking on new lines when I received a sample submission from them. I remember leafing through them, each card better than the one before. This was definitely a line different from anything else we had on the site and we had to have them! Just look at these amazing letterpress and offset cards from their holiday line!

I especially love the large wood type City & State cards featuring Boston, NYC, Chicago, San Francisco and Texas. I'm a huge fan of letterpress and these cards definitely caught my eye but it was their offset print cards that sold me. I loved the patterns, I loved the colors... I loved it all. Oh, and might I mention that they are printed in Maine using certified wind power!

"Our love of creating beautiful things keeps us excited and looking forward to becoming better and better at what we do." - from smudge ink's (very) brief history

Their work is evidence that smudge ink is a company dedicated to quality and constant improvement (in addition to keeping things at the company fun). W
hen I put in a call to the team at smudge ink I knew we would work well together because we have the same goals. I'm very pleased to welcome smudge ink to our site where they will definitely make this holiday season bright.