January 23, 2008

An Evening with the Knit Wits

Recently we started a knitting group at Fine Stationery. Right now we're undecided on the name - "Knit Wits" or "Purl Girls" (I prefer the latter). About once a month some of the girls get together to work on projects, learn new techniques and spin some yarns (I couldn't resist). My apartment is a little small for the growing group, but I like to dream up ideas for hosting my own knit night (aka Sit-n-Knit, Knitting Party, Stitch-n-Snitch, S-n-B) someday.

Going to a Knit Night

For now here are some things that are inspiring me as I look forward to this evening. The ever popular knit cupcakes from the delicious blog Vegan Yum Yum, The Black Apple print, (sold, sadly) necklace and brooch from kjoo, vintage crochet bag, DIY office supply knitting nancy from ccyytt, my next project - this beautiful heart sweater by karissa, crochet hair pins at wren handmade and a lovely knit silhouette print.

Generally there isn't much planning involved in hosting a knitting party. The hostess supplies the drinks and everyone else is welcome to bring an additional snack or beverage to share with the group (I'm bringing my favourite microbrews and pita rounds with hummus). If you're looking for a total meal plan, I'd suggest checking out this Rachael Ray article.

FYI: yesterday's post - Tuesday Trends: The Bright Stuff - is up now.