January 4, 2008

Friday Linkfest!

And so it returns... Friday Linkfest!

-The Human Calendar [seen a few places, like neatorama!]
-John Huck asks "What did you have for breakfast?" [via]
-Pretty pictures on ffffound (I should join up since I have FOLDERS on my home pc with pictures I like from around the net)
-Readers in the UK and Australia have some recycling options for their Holiday cards. The US... eh, not so much. (2006 article). I've also found this UK card recycling program but I'm unsure if they accept foreign cards. Meh. :/
-YEAH! Last minute addition - D*S's In the Kitchen with features the super-amazing Eleanor Grosch. I met Eleanor through friends a year or two ago and was instantly smitten. Not only is she uber talented, she's also a really great person (and a good cook). Even though we're far from BFF, it's still really exciting for me to see people wearing the Keds she designed or seeing her stuff in Urban because it's someone I've met in real life. Does that make me sound a little crazed?
-Another addition: a cute calendar you can download for free! Evy of Pure Style will be putting up a new page every month.

That's about it. I've got a bundle of things to finish up in the office before the day is done. I will say this - I am SO excited for Tuesday to come because the Tuesday Trends I've put together is my PERSONAL favourite.

Have a good weekend, everyone. I'll see you Monday!