January 14, 2008

Mardi Gras Monday


I have to be honest - Mardi Gras is not a holiday I usually celebrate. The combination of the colors purple, green and yellow offends my senses. Still, knowing that Mardi Gras was fast approaching (February 5th) and that some of you may be looking for party ideas, I decided to give Mardi Gras a second chance.

I like the idea of having a masquerade to celebrate Mardi Gras, so I selected the Meri Meri masquerade invitation to start this board. One of the reasons being that I enjoy costume parties and don't think they should be limited to the fall. Masquerades are classy, chic and fun. Mardi Gras masquerades can be formal or casual - you can throw a black tie masquerade and invite guests to find the most fanciful and outrageous masks or have simple plastic or felt masks available for your guests at the door.

I'm sure you'll notice that most of this inspiration board is about food. Mardi Gras is well known for being a day of culinary excess. Foods like Jambalaya and Cajun Fries are delicious dishes that compliment the holiday. Mardi Gras cocktails like the Ramos Gin Fizz make an excellent addition to any party and some, like the hurricane, can be made non alcoholic. A Mardi Gras party is not complete without a king cake. I love the mini king cake from stick boy bread (via blue ridge blog). Another less traditional but still delicious option is fanciful loaded cupcakes like these vanilla orange nutmeg cakes from sugar_bliss.

I hope this provides some inspiration for those of you who are planning a Mardi Gras party this year. I had a good time putting together this mood board and drooling over food photos.