January 22, 2008

Tuesday Trends: The Bright Stuff

Tuesday Trends: Bright Stuff

Bright colors have been popping up all over the runways and are seeping into cosmetics, accessories and apparel. Spring and summer are my favourite times to go bold with bright hues.

Going clockwise we have some Spring/Summer runway looks that I pulled into a small style.com lookbook. The runway saw pockets of bright colors - mostly blues and yellows. Next we have the jaw-dropping, drool-inducing and highly coveted vintage Espace Pierre Cardin watch from watchismo.com (see their gallery for more eye candy). That watch is true beauty. Gorgeous!

Although I tend to wear mostly blacks, greys and blues, I love bright pops of color. Some Dior Addict in Infra-Rose, MAC shadestick in Sea Me or Nars eyeshadow in Rated R would be the perfect way to add some color to your look without feeling like a walking lite-brite.

This season I am on the hunt for some patent leather yellow accessories. I'm thinking more belt and shoes but this Lorelei pleated clutch has really caught my eye. Its charm is that it would work well for classic looks (paired with a navy & white dress, for example) or as part of your Technicolor summer wardrobe.

Truth be told, I would never be brave enough to wear these brilliant Reebok sneakers but I am mesmerized by the bold colors and thought they would be a bold addition to the post.

I hope I haven't offended your eyes with this bright and bold display of colors. Be sure to check out some of my previous Tuesday Trends:

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