February 8, 2008

Friday Linkfest!

Paper hearts photo by veganstraightedge

A how-to on creating bokeh shapes (inspired by A Cup Of Jo) Photo by Sarah

Polish Pavillion designed for Shanghai's 2010 world expo [via poppytalk]

Creative Commons licensed Vintage Valentines found & uploaded by James D. Kimberlin.
[via BB & Craft:]

+ The incredibly mesmerizing cakespy brownie challenge. I don't want to ruin it for you but lets just say that I never in my life thought I would find myself wondering "what does a brownie with bacon taste like?"
+ Design*Sponge DIY challenge
+ The Fall 2008 Runway Shows
+ The Ones We Love [via everywhere]

In other news, frequent commenters may have noticed that I've disabled the word verification function on comment approvals. As I already moderate comments to screen for spam, I thought it kind of pointless to have both. This will allow me to keep out spam and save many of you from experiencing the frustration of knowing that you typed in the RIGHT verification but for some reason the program has decided that you are a robot that must be stopped.

Enjoy the weekend!