February 29, 2008

Friday Linkfest

Happy Leap Day! Sorry for skipping out on posting the other day but I had taken the day off to spend time with family.

I've got a lot of things on my to-do list today so this will be the first and last post of the day (unless something C-RAZY happens). Here are a few links featuring fun fonts, paper art, creative cooking, crazy cubicles, and some sweet eye candy. See you Monday!

Great fonts on poppytalk.

How About Orange provides resources on how to turn your handwriting into a font (part I and part II).

Paper sculpture by Elisa Valenzuela (spotted on Print)

The New York Times has a fascinating video of The Edible Martini - a cocktail infused in a cucumber via vacuum. [via notcot]

Also via not cot, this excellent post on Trendinista discussing the Spring 2008 bug-like fashion designs. For those afraid of the creepy crawlies, Trendinista has an equally fascinating comparisons of Zac Posen designs and butterflies. I also enjoyed the bird feature. You know what, just check out the whole blog because it is incredible.

The first few entries for LifeHacker's Coolest Cubicles are in. Think you could do better? There's a $500 amazon gift card if you win.

Beautiful photos at Interludio via Paper Planes via the very talented Kate of Little Doodles. All three blogs are worth checking out.