March 3, 2008

Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start

A great party idea for kids of all ages is a video game party. The theme is versatile - you can go old school (arcades) or new school (wii parties). I prefer a get-together that hearkens back to the days when cartridges were clunky and 8-bit was all the rage. I chose an arcade inspired invitation to start off this mood board.

You can't get the whole arcade aesthetic with broccoli rabe or salad greens. When it comes to this party theme, it is totally acceptable to offer junk food like pizza, burgers or fries. If you're feeling guilty, opt for whole grain pizzas with healthier toppings, baked sweet potato fries and veggie burgers. [image via bcostin]

If you're entertaining an older crowd, fun drinks like those offered at Scrollbar's Mario Bar are the perfect compliment. Make no mistake - drinks like the 1-up are no child's play. For alcohol-free versions, substitute with juices and colorful beverages like Jones or Izze [via neatorama].

Mario & Pac Man cupcakes from Hello Naomi (previously featured here) would be a sweet addition to the menu. If your fondant skills aren't up to par, consider making a (Princess) Peach Cobbler.

The best part of a video game related party? Sometimes it's ok to cheat a little. ;)

edit: Rebecca pointed out that I missed the perfect opportunity to use these tetris ice cube trays (aka Tetrice).