April 30, 2008

More Doilies

I warned you yesterday that my Tuesday Trend has evolved into something of an obsession. While I was working on today's post I stumbled across the work of Sweet Paul. I had come across this page once before and meant to bookmark it and (most likely) clicked on one link after another until I was totally lost.

Well, Sweet Paul and I are reunited and together we shall overcome this doilie addiction. I think it's interesting to discover why certain objects pull people toward them. For me, doilies remind me of the many (many) object collections my mother has amassed over the years and my paternal grandmother's tattings. It's also about taking objects (especially textiles) from the past and re-imagining them for today. As Paul so eloquently put it:
"For me the doilies and other scraps of vintage fabrics are a [piece] of history.
And by using these doilies and putting then into a new context, I feel that the history goes on."
Well said! See more of Sweet Paul's beautiful work (and doily obsession) here, here & here. To doilies!