April 9, 2008

A quick poll!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to mention that I've added a short (2 questions!) poll to the right-hand navigation bar on the blog. I'd like to get your feedback about the content of The Finer Things and what you like most and least.

There's nothing more grating than finding a blog that you really enjoy and then, down the line, the content that you liked is...well... lacking. As I near my 200th (!) post here, I'd like to make sure that doesn't happen. There's a lot that I don't blog much on (babies, biz blogging, etiquette) and some stuff that I blog about sporadically (design, trends, entertaining).

So if you've been thinking to yourself "I wish there were more of _______ in this blog" now is your chance to tell me either in the poll to your right or comments below (or both)! You can also drop me an email at kdriscoll [at] finestationery.com with any feedback or questions. Some topics are always going to remain - especially stationery which is both an obsession and an occupation for me. Your feedback will determine which direction this little blog really moves in, which will hopefully make it all the better for you!

And while I'm rambling on at length (and starting sentences with the ever taboo coordinating conjunction), thanks to all of you who have dropped by, left comments, linked to the blog or run a blog yourself. All of the feedback and support have meant so much to me over the past 6 months. :)