April 29, 2008

Tuesday Trends: Delightful Doilies

Sometimes when I'm putting together a Tuesday Trend I think to myself "Oh. This is ok. I mean, a lot of people like it so it can't be all that bad". As I search for more related items I find myself saying "Hmmm. You know, I really like this." After a while admiration turns to obsession and I find myself thinking "Can I feign illness today and perhaps spend all day finding doilies and sewing them into every thing I own? Is there a doily emporium nearby???" (Answer: No).

Eventually I calm down just enough to put these posts together and share some of-the-moment looks with all of you. I hope you enjoy today's Tuesday Trend! The delicate, lace-like look of the doily gives it a classic appeal and makes it a wonderful graphic application to any surface. Below are just a few of my favourite looks:

Row 1: Sky of Lace, doily mobile, pattern tags from Elfrida