May 16, 2008's New Digs

As I must have mentioned several thousand times - recently relocated from the suburbs to the city. Here are some sneak peaks of our new location!


Our lounge area. My favorite part is the coffee bar!

Jenn from our Wedding group hangs some of our fontaine maury plates & canvases along with wall art from The Paper Menu. Stationery will be hung on the striped boards.

Liz at her desk with some wedding stationery samples.

break room
The Customer Service break area. Those are our recycling bins on the left! We totally revitalized our garbage disposal system and have gone green. We've even eliminated disposable cups and plates and use only dishwasher-safe items in our break area.

The Great Wall of Samples. Sorry for the shaky pictures! This is one of the many areas we store samples for our consultants to familiarize themselves with each product and brand. It's right outside of our album study area.

Here's a shot from our In-House department. So much stationery!

Let's face it - work can be stressful. We have a Zen Room for all employees to lounge in when they need a reprieve from work. No cell phones or laptops allowed.

The view from the Zen Room.

My cubicle - all dressed up.

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peak! It's great to be all moved in - we're absolutely loving our new space.