May 23, 2008

Friday Linkfest - NSS Edition

It seems as though the Stationery Show comes and goes all too quickly. Although I didn't have the time to catch up with everyone, there are plenty of blogs with links to even more Stationery Show coverage!

Other blogs covering the show:

Crane & Co.
The Crane Insider & Ms. Bliss (above)
oh joy
uppercase & my mom shops via indiefixx (for even more NSS pics)

If I've missed some blogs with photos of the show (or if you have photos you'd be willing to share), drop me an email. Of course, you can view all of my photos of the show here on flickr or use the quick links below!

Recaps of my coverage of the National Stationery Show:
Pt 1 - Boatman Geller
Pt 2 - fontaine maury
Pt 3 - Prentiss Douthit
Pt 4 - Periwinkle Press
Pt 5 - Allie Munroe
Pt 6 - Julia D Azar
Pt 7 - PSA Essentials
Pt 8 - William Arthur
Pt 9 - Ellie Mim's, Smudge Ink & the ISA

FineStationery has been gracious enough to allow everyone to leave a little early today in anticipation of the holiday weekend. I'll be enjoying some much needed R&R over the weekend, but I'll be back Monday (yes, Monday!) with a very special week of posts. What's the theme? Well, you'll have to wait and see!

So long, farewell and have a happy holiday weekend.