June 18, 2008

Wedding Wednesday: Dream Wedding - Folksy Forest

Welcome again to Wedding Wednesday. This week, Rebecca and I took a break from interpreting the same card 2 different ways and decided to do a Dream Wedding Edition.

While Rebecca has already had her dream wedding and I'm fairly far from walking down the isle myself, it's a nice chance to showcase our unique entertaining styles and aesthetics.

Wedding Wednesday: Folksy Forest Wedding

Let me preface the bulk of this post by saying that I realize this inspiration board is not as match-y as my previous Wedding Wednesday posts; however, theme (rather than color) was my main concern and I selected items based on their relation to that as opposed to settling on images with matching colors. My ideal wedding would encompass several things I enjoy most: nature, greens & browns and the handmade.

I love the look of natural elements like pale florals, birch vases, illuminated trees [via] and branches and birds on both the cake and tabletop. If using real branches is out of the question, but you still want the look of a woodland setting, consider mounting this cole & son wallpaper on heavy board and using it as a backdrop for photos or hung as a banner.

Greens & Browns
Greens and browns are very natural hues and would compliment a forest theme nicely. This elegant engraved card with letterpress details is one of my favourite wedding invitations on the site and would be an excellent compliment to the theme. Aprihop from Dogfish Head brewery is not only my favourite beer, but the product of one of our local microbreweries. Finally, I feel most comfortable in greens so, rather than opt for a traditional white, I would rather stroll down the isle in this amazing (and sold :/) vintage frock.

Aside from enjoying the fact that handmade items are so incredibly unique, I am also an avid crafter and I can't imagine having a wedding without a little DIY. For favours, what about something fun and forest themed like these "nuts about you" charms from Somethings Hiding in Here? These letterpress Moleskines from letteria [via] would be a sweet gift for bridesmaids and helping hands. Rather than wrap them in paper, I would opt to enclose them in these crafty screen-printed scarves.

I hope you've enjoyed this little peak into my brain and seeing my dream woodland wedding! Please be sure to drop by Tastefully Entertaining and see Rebecca's REAL LIFE dream wedding - an elegant black and white affair with theatrical flair.