July 17, 2008

Friday Linkfest

It's that time again! If you haven't exhausted the stationery blog links from yesterday (or added your own), here are some more pretty things to inspire you over the weekend. As for me? I'm still reeling from the Stationery Trends feature and the sweet comments, emails and posts I've seen in the past 24 hours. I'll be off the rest of the day to catch up on a few projects and will return on Monday. Have a good weekend, everyone!

Tastespotting is BACK...
...while Blueprints blog, Bluelines, bids us farewell.
Lovely wedding accessories at Muscari [via happy cavalier]
Little Doodles - Big Hair
A 1950s Style Engagement Photo Shoot [via Lucky Designs]
A collection of good deeds - Operation NICE [via Midwest Modern Girl]
Vintage award ribbons - My Former Beauty [via PoppyTalk]
Design is Mine's flickr photo of the day - K (hrm... wonder why I like this one?)
What I feel like by the end of a day on Friday - banner day

I sent a few vintage papers, photos and fabric scraps to Holly for her Inspiration Package contest which you can enter RIGHT NOW! Click here to peruse all of the amazing, inspiring and beautiful goods and find out how you can win them. I cannot explain how much restraint I am exercising in not entering. Must... keep... sewing room... clean!

Happy Weekend!!!