July 15, 2008

Stationer Spotlight: Prentiss Douthit

Hey everyone! I'm happy to announce a new, bi-weekly feature on the blog that will highlight the inspirations and insights of some of our fabulous stationers. For our premier issue of Stationer Spotlight we interviewed Prentiss Douthit to discover what motivates the man behind the brand.

Statione Spotlight: Prentiss Douthit

Dedicated to designing stationery since 2001, Alabama native Prentiss Douthit has quickly earned a reputation for creating stationery that satisfies the taste for sophisticated designs with a modern edge.

When asked what line of stationery he enjoys designing the most, it’s no surprise that party invitations topped the social guru’s list. “I’m sort of a social guy, so I enjoy putting myself in different shoes conceiving party ideas. People want to throw a fun party to connect with their friends and I love that everyone has a different approach to it. I can design something whimsical or drop-dead elegant—it’s great to have a line that allows me that breadth of freedom. That’s what people recognize and respond to - not chasing an established fad, just doing something fresh. It’s about making life more fun - at least on paper.”

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